Saturday, April 15, 2006

Who will be crowned?

Almost the last five years for the ruling party had gone very fastly, that we are up again for the elections.. It will be a tight schedule for Naresh Gupta & Co. for the excellent electioneering and bullying styles of the age old Dravadians Big wigs both the DMK and AIADMK.

It's almost right time now to have a glimpse of the past five years.. With DMK looking for a repeat show in 2001 after it's less corrupt( leave of those 200 price tag for a cement bag..) and Kalaingar tied with petty parties for 1,2 or so seats.. And Jaya did the arithmetics with Congress,PMK,communists and MDMK.. she made a clean sweep...

And thats history. Kalaingar had the very same stage set for himself when he switched sides with BJP and still has a new friend with Sonia. The result? 39/39 and the Jaya's populist rollback(removal of anti-conversion bill, withdrawl of dozen cases against publishers,freebies for the babus..) which he claimed it as his 40 th.

And now everything is diffarent. With Jaya having a very minimal Anti-Incumbency wave and VAIKO switching sides... and Captains miniscule voteshare.. with all this the stage is set right for the elections 2006. Bingo....

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