Sunday, April 16, 2006

The rice fever

Almost, It's right time to have some thoughts about the election manifesto from DMK,
Rice at Rs.2,Television set, A stove and who knows!! some promise for sun and moon may lie in the fineprint. A party which is been in existence for almost half a century can be very well little more wise!!!

Ofcourse, None will forget that Dravadian parties came to throne by playing the rice game in the early sixties but then... that was in the early days of the state, where people were not this much informed and well aware. Now, even a layman would think twice or atleast whould be dumbfounded a moment before being caught by the rice trap. The promises and the support speeches make one to think that the party and its doyen are doing an alround effort to woo the people and get through the election.

If at all DMK comes to power the very first statement would be that the treasury is empty and will play the blamegame for two months, journals will beat the bush for another two months and by that time poor tamils will be getting ready for the next hot snippets.. and the manifestations??? In the air!!!!!

Although MK(M.Karunanidhi) succeeds in turning all the attention, Who knows? As one cartoon says that common man being inspired by all the gimmicks may be voting one in the pre-poll, selecting the other on the polling day and voicing for the third in the exit poll....

see you!!!!

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