Friday, May 26, 2006

Sonia Saga!!

The issue is almost over now. Long back I thought of wirting about the Great drama. The entire issue is very good example for the famous proverb which goes like

"what you sow so shall you reap!!"

The local congressmen from Up would never have imagined that the very same Office of Profit ghost will haunt them !! directly and that to against Sonia herself. Much had been debated about the issue with wordings from " Second sacrifice " . I too gone through many of the analysis and the best and noteworthy to mention in my point here is a letter in hindu.

The saga started when BJP planned to refer Sonia's case to the election which was pretty quick in disqualifying Jaya Bachan's Post owing to the conditions that she is holding a position which is an office of profit. Sonia being the chair person of the NAC(National Advisory council) . which is funded by the central government itself(also dubiously called as the shadow cabinet) and also n+1 trusts of congress, has to bore the brunt.

But Sonia's gameplan was really shrewd(as always) like the previous renuciation drama enacted in the year 2004 when the Indian electorate rejected the dubious " India Shining Campaign" and gave the congress front a clear majority..

But that's a separate story. Things unravelled very fast in a congress way with the parliamentary affairs minister Priya Ranjan Das Munshi calling for a short cut Ordnance to bypass the cause for SONIA rather than an act which has to be discussed per se. The BJP woke from the nap and caught the issue. The congress realizing the extreme step and the heat it would generate took a break and put the ordnance in a bakburner. And the worst of all happened with almost all the parties (including the so called stain free comrades) accepting a legislation to save all their tainted netas.

The peak of all the happenings is that when congress notoriously postporned the house before the scheduled date and with that Sonia anounced her resignation!!! Things went still awry with the election commission scheduling the by polls for the Congress kingdom Rae Bareli.

The Hindu reader rightly pointed that It's unwise to call the break between break fast and lunch as a fast and sacrifiece" which is what sonia has done!!! with sonia not even losing a business day in the parliament and loudly clamouring that everything is for common good!!

Lo!!! God has to be humble to save India and it's children from the so called politicians who are to server the people..

Saturday, May 13, 2006

GOT it right

BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it right. I have predicted almost in this assembly elections . I got it almost right for amma and a not bad prediction for MK. Might be this will be celeberation time in the DMK camp with MK becoming CM for the fifth time and he has become more a politician this time with a note that CM chair is a service for the TN people.

Now the question in everyone's mind is that, WHAT about TV? Will MK make it to everyone? The first and foremost problem is that how the team will identfy the houses which really don't have a TV? Then I have not forgotten the Colour TV scam in the previous 91-96 jaya era which had the very worst anti-incumbency. Leave off TV! what about 2 acres of land for lanless peasents and free power for weavers also. ALready the free power for farmers drawing flak with the centre's threat of subsidy cut? whose money will be spent on this? This is like robing peter to pay paul. If this trend continues then TN treaury my one day file for bankruptcy.

Almost the trap would have worked for MK to capture power but at whose cost?

The major questions are
1. how far the new government will work to generate employment?

2. how far mk and co will promote bio-technology?

3. How good can MK foresaw the future?

4. How far he can guarentee a corruption free government?

MK and co has to do really well for the above questions. The major point to be discussed here is that it would be only a matter of time to bring in stalin for the cm's chair.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Since my last post on elections, several interesting things has infact happened with more and more freebies gobbling up the tamils. TV sets, Cable connections,Rice,Stove,Cycles,Bus-Pass and what not? The point by reading between the lines is that people have really become very very gullible. How far they have become so? That's the million dollar question.

This elections has become somewhat unique when compared with the last two assembly eletion which I had witnessed. When it was 1996 people where very much fed up with the most plundered first term of Jaya. Scams in Coal Import, Cemetry sheds, chappals, Sudhakaran's marraige,Pleasant stay Hotel case, London properties and the list goes on and on and on. There was a strong anti-jaya wave which led to the total debacle. Much to her dismay she herself lost to DMK candidate Sugavanam from Bargur


Things were totally diffarent in 2001, MK did a rule which is not as filled up as jaya's. But things like unprecedented price for cement bags, mindless flyover for chennai etc. When everyone expected for a second turn for MK things went the way of arithmetics with jaya reigned in.

But this time the scenario is really confusing. The incumbency factor is not that severe and inspite of the arithmetic MK 's possibilities are still bleak and hazy. With biased opinion polls are favoring one or the other and prominent and important ones are left clueless. Hoof... it's really confusing. Then important thing.. I am expecting for a first ever hung assembly in Tamil Nadu, with Jaya getting around 60 and MK about 75. That would be really a new assembly in the history of Tamil Nadu. All eyes are on May 8.