Monday, April 17, 2006


The last 4 or 5 decades has been in the total clutches of United States with virtually no rival especially after the demise of the erstwhile USSR. And now the US hegemony has poised in this first decade of the millennium.

The middle kingdom is well set for the role of super power with the double digit GDP rate (a whooping 10.2 %) and the burgeoning dominance with a mighty PLA. All these factors combined with the sheer body language makes US to think bit wider in addition to its addiction to Oil. The US is bit clear that the country with the oil to run its plants and cars will be ruling the roost in the coming decades and the US has a dubious distinction in it.

Let's have close look at the US search for oil right from the early 90's. The platform was well made ironically with saddam invading Kuwait in the early 90's and US entering in to the Middle test with military support to the kuwait and building the right bridge with the oilrich sheikdom and ensuring the oil supply irrespective of the so called rogue states of iraq and iran. And with the imposition of sanction on Iraq after the war the crumbled iraq economy is history. When the needs of the US grew further the best cover came for the US. "THE WMD" And still the us marines will be searching for that and COndi will be addressing cnn and US imbibed guys that "None can deny the fact that WMD is there" . And Hans Blix (UN weapons inspector...) will be still hopeful for a prizecatch. with all these fiasco poor saddam for his kurdish massacre will be facing a dubious so called justice by US. Everything like this the US captured all the important oil fields in Basra and the adjacent iraqi places of importance.. ALl this in the conver of war on terrror!!!!
And now what's next?

That might be Mohammed Ahamadanijed's turn!!!!

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