Sunday, April 30, 2006


Certainly, Arjun has stirred a hornet's nest by re opening the reservation debate. As always the typical congress guy would have had lot of calculations before spelling out his plans for reservation in central universities(read IIT's and IIM's) when the assembly elections for the four states have been scheduled and pretty important for their grand old party in Kerala and Wb.
Do we need reservation? For a blunt question like this there are numerous uniquely voiced answers!! NO! And did that 'yes' has a really weak support?A city dwelling, blogging, neo-liberal, globalisic,MNC employed, coaching class attended grad may spit this with a single word.Ney. But who will hear the town guy? riding 10 kms up and down with a by-cycle, lot of dreams in heart, very much isolated from the coaching-mocktests-discussion cycle? perhaps he might not be the one might be the poster boy for the 600 million strong indian "not-so-better half" breatherns. Mumbaikars and Delhites have cocooned themselves to the neon-clad fast growing metros with 24 hrs electricity, door services, TRP rated stars and zees!!
Even though the pursuance of excellence by the central universities may sound well and good, They have the same accountability towards the less privelaged with whose money these very universities has been built....

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