Tuesday, April 18, 2006


There has been lot of cheer and applause over the finalised Ndeal with the US during Bush's maiden indian visit. There has been quite a lot of points and couter-points over the N-deal and lets have some close look at it. The crux of the deal is "CIVIL MILITARY SEPARATION" of the indian facilities. How far it is feasible?

We have to go back a bit in history to have a close look at the backdoor situations which made the deal come true. The nuclear power for India was from the GE electric with a 30 year deal for the constant fuel supply. Things went awry with Indira's bold and strong initiative for Peaceful nuclear experiment at Pokhran code named Operation Shakthi. When buddha laughed it made uncle sam to turn red and the fuel supply for tarapore unit came to a stand still. How long can india sustain it's power hungry reactors with the indian uranium? The result: Tarapore power plant was scaled down from its peak range and the problem started!!!

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