Saturday, April 22, 2006


Some trivial works keeps me off from new posts, let's continue regarding the N-deal. With the Americans showing the high handedness India has to bore the brunt with the scaled down TAPS I and II(Tarapore Atomic Power Station). In the mean time America which has the largest number of reactors in the world suffered some setbacks. The point? Breeder reactor!!! The french who are real masters and India having a clear advantage in breeders made the US to think twice. With no major strong push for the US reactor programmes after the later part of seventies, and the outdated Nuclear technology would have made George to look for the helping hand from India!! There are so many breaks are ahead. Bush,Condi and co have to do lot of hardwork to convince their congress.Then there are guidelines for the Nuclear suppliers group! But before that he has to still force through some coercive sub conditions to cool down his own counterparts!!! Then comes the hard hitting Indian Babus
Ooof!!! Cunning Bush has got loads of tasks ahead!!
How this would be help ful for India?
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