Friday, April 27, 2007

Island trouble

This is a subject which I have never touched before but going through repeated articles and the coverage it gets in the Media gives me a second thought. It's the issue of the rebels operating from the island nation..

And as a tamil the issue becomes more close and naturally it becomes a issue of greater importance. The general mis-conception about the tamil rebels is that it is a terrorist organisation. I don't have any special incident and chain of event which can be correlated and substantiated for the start of war in the early 80's. But at some point or other I have heard that tamils in the island nation has been stripped of basic rights and marginalised. Some bad points to note are something like tamils were not allowed to rise beyond certain ranks in armed forces,civil forces. and suffered untold miseries..

When the rebel mission was started, India's iron lady was in the seat of power and the rebels were trained and equipped by our own country. I never come across the stories and theories beyond this Indira's step..But this rebel group has grown into sizes which grabs bbc's prime space in it's website when it launched the first ever air attact..

If one start to think of the time and position which forces one to launch and run a rebel group in search of a separate statehood and to fight for it's sovereignity is only when the group is pushed to the brink..But the positions unwound differently with Rajiv taking a different stand by sending IPKF to tame the group which has been groomed by his own mother. I personally feel that the rebel group's greatest blunder ever was the assasination of Rajiv in 1991 and to add insult to the injury the rebel group leader's note that it was a painful incident.. Goes by the tamil proverb that says" pillayum killitu...thottilayum attura kathai..." I don't beleive the rebel group will ever gain India's confidence atleast in the near future..

In another dimension we need to look after the plight of the tamil breathern's in the east and the war torn decade..A very simple example is the students missing out academic calender in case of a war emergency...Simply put who ever speaks tamil will yearn for a quicker solution. for the island breatherns....

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