Friday, April 27, 2007

Plunder in Bengal

Nandigram has opened the Pandora's box with speculations coming out up to direct remarks from CPM that it won't go for replacing Budhadeb. This again raises the very basic questions regarding SEZ, that do we really need them? With heavy tax sops,numerous incentives and all these at our farmer's cost. With the CPM's politbureau howling for a development with human face and the state in west Bengal moving forward swiftly with no second thought for the planned SEZ. The state is already notorious for the special interest it showed on the Indonesia based salim group.

Here what the lefts in the state will cleverly argue that WB will the development cycle if it fails and says nay to the "FDI in state" optiona and missing the IT boom..True, but it should never lose the base line and that's what I fear is happening in WB currently. The lefts really had a dream run last two years with more direct communists in the parliament after the early years of independece and a emphatic victory in their bastion WB and tripura. I remember voting for Mohan from Madurai when he contested from the MK headed alliance in TN. Sure it's fact that people like Nallakannu,Mohan and other communists in the state are noted for their simplicity and staraight forwardness these incidents wreaking a havoc and sure will have some impact at least in the near future.

With singur not being settled out and pushed to the back burner and Nandigram in the news this year is especially bad for the communists, With wal-mart and other big ones are already drawing plans I feel Lefts should reframe their strategy..

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