Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Plaguing the nation

Breaks can at times be refreshing, but occasionally breaks too can spoil the rythm. This time i was caught in the second one and bit lot more time to start. After a handful of soceity reflecting blogs...I too need a change and what I am planning is to work on theme based blogs rather. A new idea,new concept will always enables me to come up with new and unseen perceptions which would be thought provoking and insightful for the audience.

The nation still owes a lot to its subjects no matter how good it boast it's own performance no matter how miniscule it may be.. There are several, in fact many things which keeps plaguing our nation. Woemen empowerment, corruption, extremist threat both internal and external, poverty, agrarian crisis, infant mortality and to top it all the Child labour...

This series of blog will concentrate on the worst of all and it is the child labour. India stands high in the world arena mostly because of it's recent glare due to the high and encouraging IT exports and this can be directly attributed to the large chunk of working youth 90% of them all in their 20's. Even some media report claims that india equals the youth line up with that of china. To maintain the strategic lead we enjoy in this particular IT domain with that of our competing countries in general and china in particular we have to address a series of issues and surely child labour will be major one..

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