Friday, September 14, 2007

Why we should be more inclusive.?

I often come across question with blatant complaints about the much criticized reservation system, flawed secularism and others. This is really an appropriate time to ponder over the underlying facts in these criticized concepts and the actual logic which has to be practised in the true spirit.

If one goes through Praveen swami's terrorism related articles in Frontline not once butTime and again he writes about some notorious jehadi outfit leader vowing to disintegerate india and to unfurl the muslim flag in red fort. To this day that remain only as a news report and the magic thread of "unity in diversity" still holds us one nation.

The actual system of reservation and minority policies, which is most badly nick named as "Muslim appeasement" and pseudo secularism by the politicians has at least got one bottomline that has to be driven home. One of the strong ingredient of the magic thread which unites us all the indians is the inclusiveness of the hindu(this can be taken as modern day sindhu) soceity which welcomed khilji's,Moguls and even the english who eventually enslaved us. or more directly, the more inclusive the soceity is, the more the thread will become strong and the more united we become and that says everything.

The communal violences, religion based pogorms, caste based discrimination which are some of the malise which are uptill today haunting a normal right thinking Indian. The inclusive soceity about which we are talking will leave the fellow citizens with a psychological feeling that our personal breatherns(christians,muslims, the macro level) are well placed and this mental composure is all the stuff for which our founding fathers and experts devised the inclusive options like reservation for the underprivilaged and spcial minority programmes.

There are gory live examples not as a newspaper report but as fact finding committiees which is predominantly hinduisistic like srikrishna committee's cold blooded revealations like how police abetted 92 Mumbai riot and Rajinder Sachar's committee's findings which throws light on the poor economic conditions of the muslim population in general( please leave the bollywood khan's and Kalam..there are always exceptions).

sad thing is that for the sake of few self-centric,selfish and money minded politicians all the underlying theme of the plans as been blacked out and even the educated lot of the 21st century is left thinking that reservation and muslim appeasement policies of the government are the only thing which is haunting our country. How ironical? But every right thinking citizen either a muslim,hindu or christian should continuously strive and shape up him/herself towards an inclusive soceity for the posterity.

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