Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The initial furore over the Ramar setu has been settled down. And people started worrying about Rahul's out of form and Dhada's comeback. We really need to have a in deapth perspective for the project.

The sentiments of the people, makes the case still more complex as it is played down by the oppurtunist parties in general and BJP in particular. The same BJP which gave all the clearance is now crying foul of the entire project.

If we are going for a scientific perspective researcha and analysis has proved beyond doubt that Adam's bridge or Ram setu is a natural formation and there is no proof of human construction. But still a billion people's beleif is bigger than any scientific study and it has to be respected at any cost. The sad part is people who did'nt found any issues when in power are now finding that people's sentiments are affected and proclaiming to save Ram setu. The only understadasble plot is that BJP which ride the Rath yatra wave by kindling people's sentiments in late 90's and grew from nil to 160 MP's want's to do it again.

The whole issue would not have come up if for Swami filing a PIL. Only God knows what's there in Subramanya swami's mind and what's driving him. Questions like " was he an civil engineer" was totally uncalled for and condemnable. A senior politician who is repected across the political spectrum has to really think twice. And "Gold for weight" is equally ridiculous and barbaric. Paradoxically he is a Sadhu!

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