Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nuclear impasse

The nuclear agreement has again opened a pandora's box, with the more trickier Hyde act which will obviously have some adverse effect on India's foreign policy in the due course. He very proof is the India's anti-Iran vote not once but twice in the IAEA meet overriding official
direction to abstain. Even in the negotiation stage if US managed to coerce India to this volt face
then once the deal comes through India will become a puppet in US hands.

True that India needs energy security but not at the cost of sovereignity,foreign policy and more of self respect. Once the deal comes through as pointed out by many specialist India would come automatically in the US camp and virtually it would become a check from US against the rising china and as a counter balance for SCO and the Russia in resurgence. Everything will be decided and dictated by US using one or the other like return of equipments, threat of second technoloy denial regime, Will-stop-your-reactor words and others.

It may be wise if we look into the point that our foreign policy decisions should be in pace with time while talking about Panch-sheel and the NAM concept, Our future posture as a super power in the making is all in the independent,powerful,self-discretionary foreigh policy decision and that will be at least 2 in the queue after military might for the super power status. We should drive our strategy in a balanced manner such that we end up having "get the energy security", "keep uncle sam happy", "independent decisions","keep development apace" all together at the same time..Indeed a tought job,..but for that only we have the well-educated,shrewd and independent babus in our buerocracy and watchful left friends in Delhi....

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