Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Part II

People will be surprised to know that comman people put their children for a paltry sum of Rs.600. that turns about USD 17 for employment. And we as people have to do something to wipe off child labour in the near future. If one look into the areas where children are deputed, one can make out quite a number of things. Beedi roll shops Cracker industry, Road side eateries, and Hotels predominantly employ children where no special skills are required and regular labour charge is very high. These petty margins drives people to employ children in their shops.

Another perspective is that this poor earning from children is enabling their wretched parents to make ends meet if not for lavish spend which enables one to correlate easily towards life condition of people and some serious root cause for chronic issues like child labour.

The worst form of the chil labour is bonded labour or servitude where children are bonded to the owners and have to toil for round the clock and served food minimally. WIth roughtly around 11 million children as child labours some thing need to be done seriously....

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