Monday, March 12, 2007

Oil Addiction

The "stay the course" stunt had enough of George with rumours spelling out like"either fix it immedietely" or expect a "repeat of vietnam" failure for the mighty,world #1,corporate centric United states. Much has been talked about the US elections which transferred the total power structure to the democrats after a long gap of eight years, and light hearted, 'so called' optimistic,poor fellows like me expected a road map of the US retreat.. Much fanfare was there for Nancy as the first woman speaker in the US congress and US media boasted of the Bipartisan approach.. what follwed is the usual US way..

To put in the way as exactly framed by Ijaz Ahamed is the "One more time.. and last" addicted syndrome of a usual gambler going for another and another and another approach all along his time seems plaguing US. All predictions went wrong !! Either it is Democrats or Republicans..Worldwide protest or No!! Always God will come and say like "George!! still are you not doing your role as a saviour???" Then George will wake up and announce proudly for a new road map and push in more troops..Democrats??Bipartisan approach?? Anti - war policy of Democrats...Bull shit...We as Americans have to save Iraq..God knows what is they are going to save..The oil addiction and the corporate-political tangle drives American mindset to pump in for more troops..
Iraq Oil fields

Miserable are reports from "Lancet" like 6 millions are dead in Iraq are really horrible!! Who knows?? George my push more troops and stabilise Iraq... With chenoy giving an unusual,unannounced visit to Pak. speaks volumes of Pakistan's dubious distinction as America's ally in the war against terror..And the hawks eye now turn to Iran..Thankfully India does not have Oil resources...God is still soft towards us !!!!!!

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