Monday, March 05, 2007

IT revolution

Since last decade, really India has got a new colour in the world arena, atleast in the urban level. Mood is upbeat..More IPO's...Sky rocketing sensex... up to the height of dubious "India shining" campaign ( voters really judged it exactly whether it is shining
really or not..) If not all, there were some visible changes which made each and every urban folk to feel proud. I will list out some outright examples. Dignitaries from the outside world ( read it " from west" ) after their short visit to Taj in Agra, never missed the next flight to Bangalore to visit the campus and love to hear the inspiring story of the IT. The list is studded with Big heads like former Japanese prime minister, Chinese president,Bill Gates and even Dutch royals.

Something can be marked and noted still more. Although chinese universities are faring well and competing with even the elite Ivy-league.. Hu did'nt missed to visit the prestigious IISc campus in Bangalore which says in itself how people atlest in the beurocratic level watches India's advancements. sure IT changed the face of India. with all this said one easy inference for any engineering grad is a how life would be without IT??

I myself personally had enviable dream of a career as a "Software engineer". Although this tag has lost its gloass today.. Everyone longed for it. Fortunately we had Azim and Narayanamurthy and Ramadurai with us who all pioneered the IT and ITES industry, today the industry entirely absolving a maximum number of undergrads irrespective of their engg. specialisation churned out by the colleges to its fold. It's direct logic. A great Indian IT dominance, happy " quarter conscious " corporates, happy IT proffesionals , Still happy shareholders and atleast a content government. True, each and every government woos IT cos. to set up shop in theri respective state. Some visible backdrop is the spiralling real estates. This would be unimaginable without IT.. What would have happened if we missed this IT revolution to some other english speaking countries... Unemployment would have reason..You and me will not be here writing and reading this.. No software exports...
Anyway India managed to get the bus this time...



Neo said...

Where did you pick this up from man?

"I myself personally had enviable dream of a career as a "Software engineer". "

giri said...

who is this neo? Can I know more of you??