Thursday, February 08, 2007


This is verdict time.. I would like to share my thoughts of the review.. It would never be wise to come to serious conclusions and talk firmly about the dispute. Any way I would do a layman's analysis. The tribunal has come up with a verdict after 16 long years notorious for the interim order which triggered a anti Tamil pogorm resulting in killing of 18+ civilians.

The much worrying thing is that kannadigas are colouring up themselves more and more regionally, I would have never been worried this much if the protest were not in the name of kannada and with some individual flag. I have very well noticed some sort of uneasyness with the kannadiga mindset in refined,undisputed and most revered personality like contemporary historian Ramachandra guha making some not so convenient comments about anti-tamil pogorm of '91.

At the outset, a slight review through articles reveal that karnataka will have release some 187 tmc of water which is somewhat less than the interim order of 205 tmc. Although theremight be some contention about the dependability share of 50%/75%. I would also like to make my point here that counsel for the upper reparian state claiming that the water needs should be calculated based on the availability of ground water. This seems ridiculous for me very much immedietly with my very little knowledge. IT is absurd that a paddy farmer will be supporting his crop entirely with the ground water and that too for paddy which needs sufficient water althrough its cycle. And if We go by the same measure, the upper riparian state may well have it's own share being cut too..

The other thing is the sharing during distress time.. Still I feel the tribunal should have cleared it well rather than doing a last minute reversal with a passing note. Another major thing is that the lowere riparian state remained idle when whole lot of new reservoirs and dams being built in the upper riparian state paving way for new catchment areas and cultivables and ringing alarm bells when almost everything is done.

The worst of all is the ever cunning politicians using the chavenistic kannadiga sentiments for their personal milieage. The only saving grace is the commotion is not up till now... With further appeals from the major riparian states I hope we may get the final settlement in a year as in other inter-state river disputes. Let's hope a amicable solution...

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