Friday, January 19, 2007

Iraq quagmire....

Saddam's execution..

The very popular quote which is being trumpeted in the recent times is that "Iraq was is better shape than before". This makes the writing in the wall still clear..It's really unfortunate that even after some bad toned interviews with a typical American arrogance like "we don't do body counts" from the now ousted Rumsfield on being asked about the casuality count of the iraqis.. Bush-Blair duo still manages to spearhead the campaign that they are towards the goal of spreading democracy in the middle east and the stereo-typed,monotonical slogans like liberating Iraq... and rebuilding iraq.

And the irony of all is that Bush and the puppet regime's court of Justice managed to hang Saddam.. Although it's a fact that Saddam is to be accused of Torturing and killing the Kurds, there would not be this much hue and cry if he would been tried in the unoccupied Iraq and a well oiled Independent Iraqi court of Justice. It makes one feel really uneasy that one who is charged with torturing his own coutrymen is tried by Bush who himself is responsible for killing thousands and thousands of Iraqis for his selfish,jealousy,self-centric,personal Oil greed.

Though Bush managed to announce Saddam's execution well before the US elections.. Republicans had their due in the elections losing clearly in both the senate and the lower house.. poor Saddam being again used by G.Bush,Jr. Now Bush might be having a tough time thinking about the bipartisan approach and dealing with Nancy Pelosi.

Bush may fortunately leave the office by doing some "Stay the Course" stunts and may escape from the "President who lost the Iraq war" tag cleverly by deploying some more troops.. And already Blair preparing for packing the bags from Downing street.. The Iraq war is well poised with all the oil being rightly trapped... Inciting the internal rivalry..Executing people at will..Money for Iraq reconstruction being swindled by already fat corporates..God should save Iraq.. Perhaps, God will never say.. "Go Bush.. Save Iraq" to Bush.Jr.

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