Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The report

It's really a long break since i last blogged..Meanwhile the oppurtunity which at one point of time for which I craved is fast loosing it's shine and leaves me clue less. Definitely I did'nt expect this at a great place to work.. infact..

Indian Muslims have been deliberately left out..

A lot of hullo-bullo has been made over the Rajinder sachar committee's request for the Muslim headcount from the armed forces.. People shouted as if that would tarnish the armed forces image and kill it's integrity. The shouting proves that there is something perceptibly wrong.. Although the facts and figures of the Muslim headcount in state and central public services are alarming,the one most shocking one which i read from frontline is that out of one lakh police personnel in tamil Nadu, only 500/600 were muslims!!!! This is too much for our nation in general and TN in particular.. Since the days of the Rath yatra the Indian right wing managed to paint a grave picture on the India's largest minority and grown the animosity in quite some minds.

The sachar committee's findings throws sufficient light on the plight of the Indian Muslim minority and it's recommendations has to be implemented at once to it's truest of the intentions. After all, the key slogan on which the congress(I) rided on it's way to the Delhi throne was "Garibi hatao!" and Garibi definition fits everyone and it's almost is the need of the hour for Muslim upliftment. At the end of the day, everyone dreams of a decent earning,food and a modest shelter and the government should really help who are less previlaged

With all this said, something has to be done to keep the unity in diversity tag which we are very much proud of, and also we need to have the secular fabric more lively with a equal, open and just representation encompassing all sections of the soceity.

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