Thursday, October 26, 2006


Often, the class schedules and deadlines makes one really busy and this one is really after a long break... And that too I can't make any progress with my analysis of the world bank and it stands half filled... Any way I will talk about something else which is unrelated with the world bank.. The recent SEZ issues..

The vidharbha scene

What is this SEZ? These are privilaged areas for industries developed by private concerns with major tax sops from the government. That includes say the software cos. don't need a clearance from State pollution control board once they choose to start from a SEZ. Meantime sops ranges from no tax for starting period with minimal tax for a stipulated time after that. Sounds good? But these points fails to answer a basic question. Developments at whose cost? Does these privilages really worth?

As always the developmental model being proposed by the government should be a complete one and time and again this has been violated. In the present case the government has to device means in such a way that it is favourable to all the theree stake holders viz. the peasants, the private entities and the general public. With the peasants always bearing the brunt in any context. whether it is the big dams, or a developmental project or any major compulsory land acquisitions that's why I am insisting on a full circle development model. The policy guidelines for any SEZ right now advises 25% of the area for the core industry and a heavy stress on the socio-economic infrastructure and that can be very bluntly interpreted as licensed real estates. With the majority of the SEZ being planned in the viscinity of Big cities the present framework gives a much needed license for land mafia in the name of SEZ.
while the land which is earmarked for the SEZ is pretty good 2 crop land with sufficient irrigation means and feeding a family I don't understand the dire need to rob them of their wealth. After all, the netas should very well learn to understand that agriculture is our back bone with the considerable chunk of our populatin being rural folks with the main occupation being farming. There is ample proof to speak about the poor or no rehabiliation schemes drwan for tribes and farmers in places like Narmada and POSCO plant(The korean steel major in Orissa).

Fiscal and more Fiscal....
In short with no proper guidelines for SEZ , a neo-carporate policies, eleventh hour hasty decision to favour corporate gurus, turning deaf ears to the real concerns and chaos of rural resistance, there is a big hallowness in the very theme of the CMP.. Reforms with a human face.. with the exchequer chidambaram being fiscal conscious and Montek on the board of planning comminsion with the men from IMF and a pro-west deora in the oil ministry, sacking a really performing Iyer, It does'nt sounds good for a left like me.. simply put it's like robbing peter to pay paul..

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