Wednesday, September 27, 2006

THE world bank

The world after the second world war had dramatic changes with the slow demise of the Queen and the emergence of the new western world powers in general and United States in Particular. The changed world scenario in the form of close competetions between the soviets and the US had its own zenith and nadir with space walks, nuclear stockpiles and such things. Things took an U turn with the demise of the Soviets in the early nineties and world began to fold under the US doctrine. Uncle Sam has been shrewd as always right from the marsharll plan after the second world war.

Apart from these blatant,outspoken acts the US has also devised some hidden plans in a disguised manner and major and most important doctrine is the world bank ostensibly run by the world body but virtually a US play doll. This can be very well acknowledged with the present world bank cheif wolfowitz who is the world bank cheif after his brisk phase at the pentagon. In what other way can a military man can serve the bank in the name of poverty alleviation other than "demolish and destroy " who comes from the board rooms which designs and executes plans like "desert fox", "shock and awe" and "war on terror" and plundering sovereign governments in the name of "new free world order" !!!

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