Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Mandal II

We had lot of rumblings over the OBC reservation in the central universites proposed by the Ministry of human resource. And recently I went through some diffarent perspective towards the notion of merit as claimed by the elitest of the elite( These include a handful of doctors from the AIIMS and select few from the Indian Institutes of Technologies). As far as the whole set of events the light and fanfare which the agitating Doctors and other leads who got from the news hungry media is very much palpable when compared with the coverage for the pro-reservation group.

This simply put, is the "domination of the class with the merit cover" Praful gives a diatribe with clear points sufficient to convince anyone who does have a wavering mind about the whole issue. The first and foremost point to quote is the time and money spent by the upper middle class elitist students who will be the prospective students of AIIMs and IIT's The mere coaching and training for a student towards an IIT cost him money in several thousands and that would remain only in his dreams for his counterpart who forms a chunk of the Indian Youth. And there itself the arguement "Youth for Justice and Equality " ends with no credible fact in hand to bolster the arguement that the soceity has to shed of inequality"

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