Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sorbonne and AIIMS

Chirac and Villepin

The recent strikes and string protest spearheaded mainly by the AIIMS doctors, in no way can be drawn parallel with the SOrbonne incident , the fight by the students against first employement bill which authorises "hire and fire" policy to the corporates and contemplated to
give solution to the spiralling unemployment problems.

The street protest in France

The protest by the elite doctors of the prestigious institute ( This tag is unquestionable as AIIMS attracts upto 75000 applications for a mere 45 seats.. which is highest amoung any scale in the world) The crux of the issue for the protest is entirely diffarent but the issue is quite discussable. The first employment bill assures the employer to fire the employer without any circuitous procedure provided he is within 26 or so.. years age. Already reports are there that it is common to spot graduates living as dependents and the students feared that the first employment bill will lead to more unsecure environment and the protest had the perfect line of thinking amoung all the students with the entire student community of the France registered a protest and an additional point is that it had the backing of the opposition benches.

The indian action

This made the lord of the bill Dominique de Villepin to bowed to the protesters with Villepin addressing the nation via tv. The protest or struggle succeced as they fought for the cause which everyone thought a threat. This can be in no way compared with their Indian ounterpart. The protests by and large was the outcome of the thinking of a select few. (The
notions were discussed in my previous blog) The protests lost the sting it should have. A quick
glance through the charter by the forum called "Youth for equality" would make us clear that they were very much unclear. The charter lacked the content. Whether to go for a no reservation stance or against the obc reservation or aginst the numbers????? The support it got from the selfish electronic media was an advantage for the protesters but that alone would never be sufficient. In short, the protest turned out to be a bombastic toothless exercise which was given a final whip from the supreme court which ordered the medicos and resident doctors to take back their steth...

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