Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What went wrong -II

I am happy that these days I am getting a personal urge to blog more frequently and you would be surprised if you know my sole motivation. It is none other than present CM of TN Dr.Kalaingar. Beleive me he is in his late 80's and octagenarian and still managing to do scripts for a full-fledged tamil movie( forget about the theme and the motive it!!!) Amazement does'nt stops here if my vague inputs are true still he is making out editorials for the party mouth piece "Murasoli" in such a tenor that it challenges his one time aide and confidant Dayanithi for his life.. Inspite of his crooked mindset and eyewash politics he is practicing right now in TN. His energy and enthu needs a definite mention. No wonder he is out-performing Jaya,Ramadass,Vijayakanth and a bunch of congress leaders!!!

Coming to this post, these days a stream of thoughts is continually knocking soul out of me!! If you skim through my last post you will also be wondering about the sudden disappearance of the wealth,fame and glitter which attracted Europeans to our great land miles away. With the dawn of the earlier century when English men controlled half the world, one of the erstwhile English colony ironically formed English settlers themselves, which seceded long back gained prominence. in the early 1900s to be precise. The prominence become dominance and so on and so forth after the most famour little man and fat boy incidents which ended the WWII. Although recorded science inventions are mostly from Europe in 17th and 18th century, this country seized everything and the limelight with the invention of breaking the atom and the magic wand thereafter. Transistor came from this land in late 1950s, computer was mastered in this country, programming was
mastered in this country, modern day cinema trend is being decided in this country, Research process in all educational disciplines was and being mastered in this country. A country barely inhabited by Europeans in late 15th century, built from scrap and with the Hiroshima bombing dominating the world stage till date. Which everyone( I included) obessed with always.

Unite States of America, the name itself is today synonymous with prosperity for most of the world's middle class population and a land of oppurtunity for techies around the world. In retrospect Our land continued to fight with the Englismen till the 50s, fought in unknown places, fighting virtual opponents and died as humble subjects for an unaccepted king. Once a land of wealth, properity, oppurtunity and everything is now standing as a no compare for Western Europe and USA. I will try to give a more broad view for this issue in my next post...

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