Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What went wrong?

The most common comment I get from my very few blog readers is that all my blogs are either a frontline's copycat or having a heavy frontline influence. I won't deny per se to these accusation or comments for that matter, I would say frontline's reporting style and the content influence me a lot and forces me to write my very own limited perspective(might be!) through this blog. Being said that this blog is taking a slight detour from the trend and about our coutry's development.

When the last financial run was at it's peak and when India clocked a consistent 8 pointer growth rate year on year and china ticked a whooping 12% GDP this century was dubbed as asia's century. But the sad inlaid truth is world's oldest civilaisations (India and china) which was very advanced in culture,architechture,technology,governmental structure to which monuments stand this day as proof ranging from the chinese great wall to the gigantic and unimaginable Tanjore big temple made entirely of granite in souther india, has detoriated so much in the last 600-700 years that a very minimal opposite trend has been commented by the western world as a rise.

Infact if one goes back in his/her memory one would easily note to his surprise that it is eastern world which was prosperous, advanced and developed roughly 400/500 years back to which much of the Europeans especially Englishmen and Mongols flocked. Stories were abound about the golds,diamonds and prosperity which pulled the explorers first and then the traders. Sadly things has turned, When these civilisation mastered early technology ranging from papers,maths, sea exploration, medicine and the rest, some how both India as a nation went in a downward trend. from early 15th century.

I would not totally accept to the concept of modern science invention pioneered by Europeans as it would have been definitely mastered by the asian scientists but went unrecorded in most areas. I would put it as recorded inventions.Recorded inventions in science,biology,medicin,astrology and all other unmentioned fields started coming from Europeans ranging from gravity, to planet exploration. With the advent of industrial revolution in the European world things started going from Bad to worse for the asian world. And the age of discovery as mentioned by the europeans made it worst. All resources in the every part of the world were exploited in terms of business interesets by the European traders in much of south asia( present day India,Pakistan,Bangladesh,Srilanka,Burma) and South america, and africa. The most heart-rendering case is Indian soldiers fighting in unkown lands for the greed of Englishmen and other Europeans in WWI and WWII

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