Saturday, May 13, 2006

GOT it right

BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got it right. I have predicted almost in this assembly elections . I got it almost right for amma and a not bad prediction for MK. Might be this will be celeberation time in the DMK camp with MK becoming CM for the fifth time and he has become more a politician this time with a note that CM chair is a service for the TN people.

Now the question in everyone's mind is that, WHAT about TV? Will MK make it to everyone? The first and foremost problem is that how the team will identfy the houses which really don't have a TV? Then I have not forgotten the Colour TV scam in the previous 91-96 jaya era which had the very worst anti-incumbency. Leave off TV! what about 2 acres of land for lanless peasents and free power for weavers also. ALready the free power for farmers drawing flak with the centre's threat of subsidy cut? whose money will be spent on this? This is like robing peter to pay paul. If this trend continues then TN treaury my one day file for bankruptcy.

Almost the trap would have worked for MK to capture power but at whose cost?

The major questions are
1. how far the new government will work to generate employment?

2. how far mk and co will promote bio-technology?

3. How good can MK foresaw the future?

4. How far he can guarentee a corruption free government?

MK and co has to do really well for the above questions. The major point to be discussed here is that it would be only a matter of time to bring in stalin for the cm's chair.

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Chalam said...

I'm afraid they can't generate even half amount of jobs to the extent what we are expecting....

Bio - Tech?? its defn goin to be a new word in their vocabulary.So you can't expect them to put into a sentence.

MK will spend most of his current tenure to satisfy his coalition partners instead of improving the TN status.Already Ramdoss started from his side.

Corruption free government..i bet you can't expect..evn if MK wants..
He is not JJ to humble the ministers or who ever in his government...

I feel very sorry for this 83 year dravidian connoisseur..

AIADMK has more than 60 MLAs.I bet they won't allow even a single fine day assembly procession..You can expect the saree rip dramas too..who knows..

Atlast i'm expecting the 2 rs rice(I pray for its edible quality) and 2 acres of land for landless..

Let us see how will PC will help him from center..He told almost in every press meet..

"Saathiyamaa endru kaetkreergal..adhu Saathiyam endru solgiraen..he might use oratory skills to tell.."naan ondrum Sathiyam endru sollavilai..Saathiyam endru dhan sonnaen.."