Thursday, March 13, 2014

 BESCOM  Electricity service connection name transfer

   One of the challenges  we face is to get to know about the procedures and formalities prevailing in government offices.  I would like to share the procedure for doing an name transfer for the BESCOM service connection.

This procedure is for new apartment.  And I am sure this would vary for independent house.

1. You can download the name transfer form online
2.  There is a docket with something called 'indemnity bond' ( am I spelling right?).  I came to know about this through neighbours.  In Marathalli area you can get this docket ( actually a file with some papers) from a store near Kundalahalli gate.  I got it for Rs 360

3.  Filling up this form is farily simple. 
   1. You have to find the make of the meter
   2. You have to fill the present meter reading
4  Get the form signed by  BESCOM engineer (AE/JE).  You have to find the BESCOM office for your area.  The office whom I collected was  cool. He took my form and signed
5. Pay Rs 100/- at the HAL BESCOM office for name transfer
6. Attach attested sale deed Xerox
7. Submit at the desk


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