Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I am back

Months had gone since my last blog and I am left groping for some lame excuses. so many things had gone by with US presidential elections heating up, congress's recent debacles, rising intolerance, A new heir apparent for Bhal Thackarey's in Raj Thackery gestures towards north indians and on and on...

One of the important event which needs attention is Sujatha's demise who's writing style attracted me the most in his "katrathum Petrathum " columns in Vikatan. Volumes has been written on his worthiness to the tamil litreary world. It is more felt than said..No more scintillating columns, timing dialogues in Shankar's movies, no more science eye openers for much of the tamil world..

Tamil Nadu's political scene is poised for a three pronged race with Vijaykanth's DMDK gaining monmentum with thrust from both Kalaingar and Amma, Just in case VijayKanth become CM tomorrow,..A good lot of credit goes to these two big names. And somehow people are looking for a change, a paradigm shift in approach in captain.. Let's expect good deal from Captain.

Another thing which I would like to discuss here is the recent farm loan waiver worth Rs 60,000 crores in Budget. One thing which I come across is that the waiver is applicable for farmers with land holding less than or equal to 2 acres. critics point out that Most of the debt-ridden farmers mainly in Vidharbha having rain-irrigated fileds counts to more than 2 acres and still the waiver scheme excludes them. Although the announcement would have been a saving grace for the real end user,for God sake this should not be exploited.

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