Sunday, July 09, 2006

dis-investment spreee

At last the Oxford-cambridge team has well geared up. With the recent debacle in the NLC disinvestment the focus now moves to the disinvestment move in Orissa's NALCO. The government's intention to sell 10 % of its stake in NLC to raise money to the tune of 1300 crores by a hell-bent approach in disinvestment looks ridiculous. Afterall the NLC is doing good . Chidambaram can very well gather the money from other source towards the plan. Although the workers striked work the halt would not have come but for a threatening posture and gesture from MK that halted the Juggernaut.

The issue can be analysed in two ways. Why disinvestment and why not? First the former, the notion of selling a profit making one can be paralled to killing the golden goose and that too these public instituions are very important for security in power sectors. This UPA government promised reforms with a human face that remains only in paper. All the commotion started with the privatisation move of the airports,then BHEL and now NLC (thwarted attempts but still then) and the next in queue is NALCO. And for the second part of the analysis right now I may be naive to answer that, I should have to closely follow things to get a clearer perspective. If the trend continues one day chidambaram may turn IIT's into listed corporation and in another two years he will go for a partial sell Off....

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